for Maggie, Della, Danny, and Jelly ROll

Adoption Application

Thank you for considering to adopt a kitten or two from Kitkat Playroom! Please take some time to review our adoption process before you complete the adoption application below and submit to our Adoptions Team. We are an extremely small, all-volunteer rescue, so please be patient with us! We are dedicated to finding the purrfect match for the kittens in our care -- and do our best to screen each potential adopter properly.  


Please complete the ADOPTION form below

You MUST apply to adopt a pair of kittens unless you already have a young, playful cat in your home.
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If you rent your property or live with family, please provide us with your landlord or the homeowner's contact information.
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Landlord / Homeowner phone number
Include type of animal, pet's name, and pet's age. If you do not have any young kitties presently in your home, you MUST apply to adopt a pair of kittens.
Include type of animal, pet's name, pet's age, and circumstances.
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Primary Vet Phone Number
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Previous / Secondary Vet Phone Number
I permit Kitkat Playroom to contact the veterinary providers listed on my application and allow a representative of Kitkat Playroom access to all veterinary history of the pets under my account for the purpose of processing this adoption application. *
Where will this kitten(s) spend his/her time? (Select all that apply.) *
Matchmaker Questions *
Matchmaker Questions
Select how much you agree or disagree with each of the statements below.
I believe there are situations when it is okay to have a cat declawed.
I will allow my pet cats to go outdoors sometimes.
I would enjoy a cat who sleeps with me at night.
I would be unhappy if my cat woke me up at night by crying or playing too loud.
I would create a social media account of my adopted kitten for others to continue seeing him/her grow up.
I would consider my cat a family member and not just a pet.
I think people who spend a lot on expensive brand cat food are wasting their money.
If we know you, let us know your account name / screen name! It's not required, but will help us recognize you.
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