Kitkat Playroom Live Cam Schedule

Tuesday, Dec 25
(Christmas Day)

Christmas cam opens at 8am. This is a new link that will become active on Christmas morning.
Santa Paws delivers presents to the Playroom between 8-9am. Oh boy! The furkids will be allowed in the Playroom at 9am to open their presents!

The Christmas cam will remain up all day with chat until 9pm. Chat will shut down at 9pm. The cam will ALSO be shut down at 9pm.

A link to the Christmas cam special will be posted on THIS page after Christmas Day.

Wednesday, Dec 26

starting wednesday, The LIVE cam will remain shut down until KKP takes in new kittens OR there is a special event to stream.


  • Keeping the cam up 24/7, even with limited moderated chat hours, takes a great deal of effort and time. Tater and the other kittens are not often on cam, since they spend most of their time in the rest of the house. We have to dedicate our resources to the parts of the rescue that are most important.

  • You can still follow Tate online because she has her very own Instagram account! You do NOT need an IG account to view her photos and videos. An IG account is required only to comment or like the photos and videos posted.

  • Photos and videos of the Freeloaders (Danny, Maggie, and Jelly Roll) will continue to be posted on KKP’s Facebook and KKP’s Instagram accounts until they are adopted. Any adoption events will be streamed live.

  • If you have a Facebook account, you can keep up with everyone from chat in the Facebook Kitteneers group.

“I get it. But I’m not happy.”

We truly appreciate and love our chatters and viewers; and, I hope you know how happy we are that you’ve stuck around, watching sleeping fishies, waiting for the 10 seconds that Tate flies in and out of the room. We don’t want to lose you and we honestly hope that you keep up with us and everyone on the other forms of social media during this hiatus. We’ll be back before you know it for another year of kittens and we couldn’t do this without your support.

And if that didn’t convince you, and you still want to whine to me, you can send me an email with your grievances. ;-) Love, Jen