Adoptable Kittens

Current adoptables: Maggie, Danny, and Jelly Roll

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Black and white tuxedo
Born JUNE 2018



Jelly Roll is a dashing tuxedo boy with a handsome mustache. ðŸŽ© There is no way to explain in words HOW SOFT his fur is -- it's like bunny fur. Even more amazing? He LOVES to snuggle! He loves to roll around on you and rub his face on yours, and get lots of petting. ðŸ˜»

Jelly Roll has an adorable little baby mew that doesn't really seem like it should come from him. It's not very dignified. ðŸ˜‚ He also chirps and trills as he plays! Jelly Roll is absolutely hysterical and a total nut. He is curious about everything and bounces all around the house. You’ll always be laughing with him around!

And he's ready to pack his bags and head home! Jelly Roll is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, FIV/FelV negative, and treated for fleas and parasites.

🐾 TO ADOPT JELLY ROLL, learn more about our adoption process and complete an online application. ðŸ¾

Solid black
Born April 2018



Danny is gorgeous, sleek panther kitten with bright, sweet eyes. He's an outgoing kitten who loves to greet visitors! He's not shy with strangers and enjoys playing with anyone who waves a toy wand in front of him. He rubs against your legs to get your attention until you pick him up or play with him. 

Danny also adores being held and will fall asleep purring in your arms or on your lap. He has smooth, silky fur and it's bliss to kiss his soft belly! 

Danny is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for fleas and worms, and FIV/FeLV negative. He's ready for his forever family to find him! 

🐾 TO ADOPT DANNY, learn more about our adoption process and complete an online application. ðŸ¾

Solid black
Born April 2018



Maggie is a cutie patootie with her little round face! She's the smallest of her siblings, but she has a big purrsonality to make up for it! Maggie doesn't let any of her bigger siblings boss her around.

Maggie is a funny kitten and she'll make you laugh -- she likes to make up her own games. Because she's so small, she fits into places you don't expect and then will suddenly and adorably pop her head up when she hears you.

Although Maggie is not always a lap cuddler, she loves to sleep with you at naptime and bedtime. She's not shy with strangers and she'll come running if you have toys!

🐾 TO ADOPT MAGGIE, learn more about our adoption process and complete an online application. ðŸ¾