Volunteer YouTube Moderator Questionnaire

Our volunteer moderators are absolutely essential to our YouTube live video! They are the front line and face of Kitkat Playroom for our streaming kittens. Our moderators are knowledgable about the organization, the kittens, adoption policies, fostering, and so much more! They devote their time to welcoming chatters, answering questions, keeping chat safe and family-friendly, and maintaining a respectful atmosphere for our community of viewers.

We seek moderators from around the world who are willing and able to commit some time each week or weekend to help us maintain our online chat. Are you interested in joining our BlueCrew squad?

If you would like to volunteer as a moderator, please complete the questionnaire below. If you seem like a good fit and we have a need for the hours that you’re available, we will reach out to you!

Please do not take a non-response as a personal rejection. There are some hours of the day when we have many volunteers already and some that we are in great need. Thank you for offering your time!

All information you provide below will be treated as confidential and will never be shared outside of Kitkat Playroom. We will only use this information for YouTube moderator evaluation and, if accepted, to set you up as a Kitkat Playroom volunteer and YouTube moderator.

STOP! READ THIS FIRST. The actions that our moderators need to do is not possible on mobile devices. If you are not able to use a laptop or desktop computer to access the chatroom during a moderator shift, please do not submit an questionnaire.

Name *
Do you have a desktop or laptop to use? *
How comfortable are you on a computer/internet? *
Examples include: navigating to websites, copy/paste, typing quickly without many typos, switching between several windows/applications quickly, using Facebook and/or Instagram, using Google Translation
When are you generally available to volunteer to moderate? (Check all that apply) *
These times are in KKP kitten cam time (eastern standard time). Moderator shifts are 1-2 hours at a time.