MooBoo was a darling kitten, saved at 2 days old after his mom (Alley) sadly passed away. He was bottle fed around the clock with his siblings. He didn't grow as quickly as his siblings, but he was active and alert, with big, wide eyes that were constantly absorbing the world around him. 

On Sunday, April 8, with no warning, MooBoo refused to eat. We immediately took him to Red Bank Emergency Hospital, where he was given an IV of fluids and glucose. He stopped breathing while at the hospital and although the doctors attempted to revive him through CPR, he tragically did not return. 

We were all devastated. 

We watched Moo for 7 weeks, every single day. From the time he was 2 days old and bottle fed around the clock, when he patrolled the office, as he burrowed into the car engine and bunny hut. And, of course, the heart soaring moment when he met the Baby Bloomers and Mama Perrie immediately accepted him as one of her own.

And yet, in our grief, we came together to #honorthemoo. To ensure his life mattered. To make sure that other lives are saved and made better in his memory. 

Two of our dear KKP friends each created beautiful tribute videos of our wonderful Moo. They are incredibly difficult and emotional videos to watch. I hope you find them healing. I hope they bring a smile to your face as you remember just how much life our Benny MooBoo lived in the 7 short weeks he was with us -- how joyful he was while he was here. I hope you are inspired to Be More Moo in your daily lives -- curious, kind, gentle, and fascinated with the world around you. 

Please enjoy these memories (with tissues on hand.) Celebrate Moo. Go forth and #honorthemoo. And each day, aim to Be More Moo. 


Lovingly created by Darcy
Lovingly created by Luna